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    The Embrace Racing dual bi-xenon flushmount kit is a modern styled solution to the aging technology of the original sealed beam headlights. This upgrade will vastly improve your ability to see at night while eliminating the poor reliability of the stock headlight motors.

    This kit features accurately formed polycarbonate covers that have been computer modelled with aerodynamics in mind. The moulds to form the covers were CNC machined in house to ensure a precision fit and finish was achieved.

    To see more details about the process of creating the previous version of these lenses, check out the following video. This is when the lenses were made from PETG, but are now made from Polycarbonate just like OEM headlight lenses.

    The lens covers will come unpainted so that you can decide on the color and style of your choice.

    Illumination is provided by two bi-xenon projector units in each bucket. Each projector is capable of a low and high beam function. Depending on how you choose to wire these lights, you could potentially run all four HID lights at once for low beam function. Now thats bright!

    Revision 3 of this kit makes further improvements to the lens mounting and projector aiming method. Please note that only H1 size HID bulbs can be used with these projectors. 35W HID kits only! Do not use halogen bulbs or 55W HID kits!

    When you order the dual bi-xenon kit, you will receive:

    • 2x Transparent (Unpainted) Lens Covers
    • 2x ABS Buckets
    • 4x Bi-Xenon Projector Headlights (bulbs/ballasts not included)
    • 4x Silver Mini-Gatling Projector shrouds
    • 4x Projector Brackets
    • Appropriate Hardware
    • Instructions

    Note: HID bulbs and ballasts and relay harness are not included. If you need assistance sourcing these components, please ask. They are available from a multitude of suppliers online (at many different price points).

    This lighting upgrade is currently available for purchase by clicking here.

*Intended for offroad use only. I will not be held responsible for any injuries, damages, losses related to the use of this item.