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    The Embrace Racing sequencing LED tail light kit for the notchback Fiero is a fresh and modern looking upgrade compared to the stock incandescent bulbs. This upgrade kit adds style and functionality to your existing tail light housings.

    The kit features full LED lights that act as your parking lights and your brake/turn signal lights. You retain your stock outer lenses and housings so that fit and finish is as good as stock. The inner red and white lenses are replaced with LED panels as well as CNC cut red lenses. These lenses eliminate the dated looking "grid" pattern and give the tail lights a slightly tinted look during the day.

    These LED tail lights also feauture a sequencing brake/turn signal that is driven by a plug and play controller board. The control board comes fully assembled and is ready to use. The control board also allows you to wire your parking lights in two different ways.

    • 1. Without the parking light cancellation. This means that your parking lights will remain on while the brake/turn signals are applied.
    • 2. With parking light cancellation. This means that your parking lights will automatically go out while brake/turn signals are applied and they will remain off until the brake/turn signal is terminated.

    You can see the two methods in this video:

    This kit DOES REQUIRE ASSEMBLY! It is very easy to build if you have experience soldering and it is extremely easy to install. It would be a fun weekend project to take on! All that is required for assembly is a soldering iron, 22AWG wire, heat shrink tubing, and screw drivers. Instructions and all other components are supplied! You will be soldering the LEDs to the provided circuit board for the brake/turn lights. You will also be making connections via 22AWG wire for the parking light LEDs. It is not difficult, but if you are uncomfortable soldering LEDs and wires, please find a friend who can help you out!

    Also, as long as you save your stock red and white lenses, you can always change back to stock at any time if you desire. No cutting or modifying original equipment at all!

    What you will receive:
    • 2x CNC cut red lenses
    • 2x CNC cut ABS mounting boards
    • 2x PCB controller boards
    • 2x PCB brake/turn panels
    • 4x Voltage regulators
    • Package of superbright LEDs
    • Package of LED reflectors
    • Hardware and electrical connectors
    • Instructions

    Please note that these lights will eliminate your reverse lights. There are options for relocating the reverse lights to your rear bumper. At this time, I do not sell the relocated reverse lights, but it is a simple modification to perform. Details can be found on the Fiero forum (

    This lighting upgrade is currently no longer available.

*Intended for offroad use only. I will not be held responsible for any injuries, damages, losses related to the use of this item.