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    Embrace Racing 13" C5 front brake brackets allow you to fit your (84-87) Fiero with 13" Corvette front brakes (calipers and rotors) from the fifth generation Corvette (1996-2004) or the sixth generation Corvette (2005-2013) base model (NOT Z51/Z06/ZR1).

    These brackets are machined from a single piece to ensure maximum strength and rigidity. The design of these brackets allows you to retain full steering wheel travel from full lock to lock with no interference with suspension components. The C5 calipers will also interface with your stock brakes lines without modification.

    It is recommended that you also upgrade your rear brakes (rear brackets are not included). These front brakes are well balanced with rear brakes from the popular 11.25" "Lebaron" brake conversion, or 12" brakes from the C4 Corvette conversion. (Available from here as well)

    In order to utilize these brackets, you will need the following hardware to bolt to your stock front spindles and to the C5 abutment brackets. This hardware is not included:

    • (4) M14 x 40 hex bolts (Grade 10.9 or better)
    • (4) M12 (1.75 thread) x 30 hex bolts (Grade 10.9 or better)

    As with all Fiero front brake conversions, you will have to keep in mind the following details:

    • The C5 rotors will require the 5x100 bolt pattern drilled. You will also need these concentric rings to align the rotors on your Fiero center hub bore: C5 Concentric Rings
    • The Fiero front hub/rotor will require the stock rotor surface to be machined off.
    • Ensure that 13" brakes fit inside your wheels. 17" wheels are typically required as a minimum diameter. Confirm that the offset of the brake calipers will fit inside your wheels by printing the following document and placing it inside your wheel: Brake Template

    Front brackets are currently available for purchase by clicking here.
    Inquire about the availability of concentric rotor rings (in plastic). The rings are not load bearing so they are not required to be aluminum.

*Intended for offroad use only. I will not be held responsible for any injuries, damages, losses related to the use of this item.